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Video & Photography SEO – Video and Photo Optimization and Online Marketing in Folsom

On the “web search” portion of search engines, content is king. Search engines find web sites that have content they think is most valuable and pertinent to the end user’s key terms, and those are the websites that turn up on the front page. But what about when people do image searches and video searches Showing up in search engine photo results doesn’t just happen. You have to tell the search engine what your photos are of, so that when people search for certain keywords your photos will turn up in their search results. The same thing is true for videos.

The art of making your videos and photos turn up in search results is known as video and photo SEO, also known as video and photo search engine optimization. We can help you with video and photo SEO at Website Designer Folsom. Let your photos and videos drive traffic to your website the way they should!

Video for Search Engine Optimization

Creating custom videos for your SEO campaign will ensure that you separate yourself from the competition. Whether you are scrolling simple images from left to right or your have a custom video shot of your business, Video for SEO is an amazing way to index your brand in the search engines and increase your brand identity. The more videos you have in the search engines = more views = more customers = more money. Getting a company to design your custom video for you may seem expensive, especially if you are looking for custom videography.

You don’t always need custom videography as these companies can charge an arm and a leg, however at Front Street Media, this is not the case. Front Street Media in Folsom can design you an absolute stunning video and integrate it into the search engines as well.

Photos for Search Engine Optimization

Photos for SEO is the most important aspect of visual SEO. Visual performance for SEO means that all your images are optimized for the search engines as well as UI (User Experience). Integrating photos into your online marketing campaign in Folsom will give you the edge on the competition you have been waiting for. Expand your photo SEO even more with professional photography from Front Street Media and you are sure to win the online marketing game.