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Logo design is one of the most important graphic design tasks for a company or business. With the right logo and brand identity, customers will subconsciously feel trust for your company simply because they looked at your company logo. With the wrong logo, no amount of great ideas on your part will convince your customers that you are the best. They will look at your logo and think that your company is amateurish and unprofessional if your logo is amateurish and unprofessional.

It does not seem fair that so much should ride on such a small design piece, but it is the truth. Logo design is one of the biggest ways your business reaches out to the public. You need it to be done well. You need a logo that will perfectly encapsulate your business for your customers and prove to them that you are a trustworthy and capable company. Your logo design will have a drastic affect on your business cards, print design and social media appearance whether correctly designed or in correctly designed. There are many things to focus on when creating a logo design concept. Many of these items are overlooked in the design process and here at Front Street Media we look at every single aspect when creating a logo for your business in Folsom.

What we focus on when designing a logo

  • Logo Creativity
  • Logo Design Theory
  • Logo Design Concepts
  • Color Psychology
  • Logo Layout Psychology
  • Brand Concept
  • Brand Awareness
  • Brand Identity Concept

Are you looking for a brand? Website Design Folsom has the logo design skills to create something spectacular for you and your new business. We’re not the kind of logo design company in Folsom that will buy you a stock logo and call it a day. From start to finish, every logo concept we draft up is created from a blank canvas which starts from your color ideas, business model, mission and vision. To see a business start with an idea and end up with a full blown brand identity is one of the most rewarding moments in design.

Our custom logo design team will create a logo for not only your business but your Facebook fan page, newsletters, Yelp, Twitter backgrounds and all social media profiles. The most important part of creating a logo design, is to create something universal that will work where ever you need to brand your identity. Whether you are looking to put your logo design on a billboard or a flyer, the Website Design Folsom Logo team has you covered.

Complete Graphic Design Solutions in Folsom

Here at Website Design Folsom, we offer logo design as part of our complete graphic design services. We will work with you to make sure that your logo is the perfect design for your company and includes all the elements you want in it.

The method of logo design here at Website Design Folsom includes the following steps:

  • You upload a concept sketch of your vision for your logo, or
  • You describe to us what you are thinking of for your logo
  • We send you back a rough mock-up of how we think the logo should be
  • You give us feedback on the logo we sent you
  • We send back a new version with your feedback taken into account
  • We have communication back and forth until you are satisfied with the logo.

You can get professional logo design here at Website Design Folsom by working with us on your website, or on any other kind of graphic design projects you need. For some of our products, logo design comes included in the package if you do not already have one. Let us help you with your logo design in Folsom, CA. Call us today for a FREE estimate!