eCommerce Security

SSL and eCommerce Web Design Folsom

If you are looking for Dedicated Servers, SSL’s and Secure Payment Options, we got you!

If you have a business where you sell things online (eCommerce), you know how important payment options are for your customers and for your website. You have to use a system that will keep your customers’ personal information secure, because you do not want to be responsible for their credit card numbers getting stolen. You also want your customers to feel that your site is secure, or they will change their mind about buying from you and keep their cards in their wallets.

Gateways & Merchants

Many small business owners choose to take payments through third-party services such as eBay, Amazon, or PayPal. They advertise what they sell on their own website, but then to buy the goods you have to go to Amazon or eBay to actually check out. There are pros and cons to this approach. On the bright side, customers know and typically trust these larger companies, so few customers will refuse to buy on the grounds that they are afraid for their secure information. On the other hand, some people do not like to go to a different website. Once they are on the different website, they may be enticed by a similar product from a competing company. The sale is safer if you can take the customer’s payment information on your own website in a secure way that the customer can trust. When it comes to SSL (Secure Socket Layer) and custom payments, Website Design Folsom is the source you need!

We specialize in all forms of secure payments, including:

  • Dedicated servers
  • SSL (Secure Socket Layer)
  • Pay Pal Payment options
  • Stripe Payment Options
  • Check Payment Options
  • Invoicing Payment Options
  • Enable guest checkout – Allows customers to checkout without creating an account
  • Force secure checkout – Force SSL (HTTPS) on the checkout pages (an SSL Certificate is required)
  • Force HTTP when leaving the checkout – Forces pages to load over HTTP instead of (SSL) HTTPS

Dedicated Servers

Dedicated servers mean that your website has its own server which is required when you have an SSL. Usually we are able to host several websites on a server because each server can handle a huge volume of traffic. But we also offer the option of dedicated servers for clients who want additional security on their eCommerce website.

SSL for eCommerce

When you go onto a website and the beginning of the URL says “https” instead of “http,” you are on a website with an SSL. SSL stands for “secure sockets layer.” In essence, it means that the information passing between the website and the browser is encrypted. That means that when your customers type in their credit card numbers, no one is able to hack in and see the information that is being transmitted.

Payment Options

Despite all the security options that are available, some customers still prefer not to enter their credit card numbers on a website. For those customers, payment options are great. If you can give your customers the option to pay via PayPal, so that all they have to enter is their password, this can break down one of their barriers to purchasing.

At Website Design Folsom, we have all the best options for website security and payment security. We can make sure that your e-commerce website is secure and safe for your customers. Give us a call today for a FREE estimate on your own e-commerce website for your Folsom, CA business!