Brand Identity – Web Design Package Folsom

Everything; Logo Design, Business Cards, Flyers, Brochure Design, Custom Website, Social Media Graphics & More!

Have you established a brand identity for your business in Folsom or the greater Sacramento area?  At Website Design Folsom, we specialize in branding. We can help you with your logo branding and a total brand identity package. A brand identity package from Website Design Folsom gets you everything you need to get your brand established. We offer all the design services that should come with a website in the first place. If you have started your business already or looking to start, the brand identity package from Website Design Folsom is the way to go.

What you get in our Brand Identity Package

Logo Design Folsom

Your logo is the first and most important part of branding for your business. Your logo design is what people know your business as, encapsulated into one small image. That image/ Logo has to show what your business is all about. From Logo Color to Logo Layout, this gives your customers certain expectations for your business and how you want to be seen. It’s no wonder logo design is so difficult! Let Website Design Folsom take care of your logo design needs for you and you will be able to move on with your marketing with peace of mind!

Business Card Design Folsom

How many times have you talked to a business person or an entrepreneur and had them end the conversation with the phrase “take my card”? Probably a lot. Business cards are a major part of branding. They allow you to connect face-to-face interactions with public awareness of your company. We will take care of your business card design needs here at Website Design Folsom so that you can give away your cards with confidence.

Custom Flyer Design

Have an event going on? Want to announce a grand opening for your company? Flyers and print marketing are the part of your branding package that will catch potential customers’ eye as they go about their ordinary lives. Let us take care of making flyers that will stop people in their tracks, and all you’ll have to do is find places to put them up!

Custom Brochure Design

Brochures are the slightly more formal way to advertise the things you have to offer your customers. This is a printout that shows your customers exactly what they can expect from your Folsom, CA company. That is why it is so important to have your brochures designed in the same style as your other branding materials, so as to give a unified impression to your potential and future customers.

Responsive Website Design

Nowadays, everyone is online. As soon as anyone hears that you have a business, they want to be able to go online and find out more about you. Having a website design isn’t so much an advantage for your Folsom, CA business as a necessity. And you don’t just need any old copy and paste template website, you need one that has been professionally designed and customized just for you. You need one that looks as professional as you want your business to be. Let Website Design Folsom take care of your web design needs, and see what a difference great web design can make with your Folsom, CA company’s online branding!

Social Media Graphic Design and Marketing

People expect to see a website for your business, but they also expect to see you online, on social media. If you aren’t on Facebook and Twitter, your customers won’t know if you’re a real person. They want real-time engagement. To be able to provide that, you have to have social media pages that reflect your total branding campaign. You want people to be able to recognize you and your brand. Give Website Design Folsom a call today for a FREE estimate on our complete branding package, and start turning your business into something great!