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Business Card Design

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When it comes to marketing and branding your company, one of the most basic things that you need is a business card. Business cards are small and inexpensive and you can hand them out to potential clients and prospects in order to encourage them to contact you. Business Cards allow you the chance to give off a great first impression and become actual customers in the future. You can use business cards to increase awareness of your business and your brand. With the right graphic design on your business card and the right print material, you can impress just about anyone you are looking to convert from a prospect to a client.

Features and Options for Business Cards

* Paper Types and Finish Options for your Business Cards

  • Classic Felt
  • Premium Cotton
  • Premium Bamboo
  • 100% Recycled
  • Smooth Cover
  • Linen
  • Pearl
  • UV Coating
  • Gloss UV Coating
  • Matte

Business Cards are Not Dead!

Some people consider business cards to be a bit old-fashioned, but the truth is… PRINT IS NOT DEAD, business cards are still the most effective way to sell yourself and help your customers remember who you are. With this little card you can reach tons of people and build yourself new business. Furthermore, since business cards are so easy to get, you don’t really look like a legitimate business person or entrepreneur until you have one.

Here at Website Design Folsom, our Graphic and Website Design team in Folsom can help you brand yourself by designing a custom business card for your business. Ideally you want your business card to look like your website and print materials in terms of style and design, which is why branding yourself is a very important part of business card design.

Cheap DIY Business Card Design Options

Some companies offer cheap, DIY business cards that you can design yourself. A professionally designed business card always stands out from these amateur business cards, though. With a professionally designed business card, you get a design that is specific to your brand, fits your color scheme, contains the right fonts and much more. If you want to design a business card yourself, we are not going to stop you, go ahead. Just remember who can design a custom one for you when yours doesn’t come out that well.

Benefits of a Custom Business Card

  • Sophistication
  • Eye Catching
  • Brand Consistent

Business cards are so much more than just little cards that have your company’s information on them. Business cards are an essential part of company branding. If you need awesome business cards for your Folsom, CA area business, give Website Design Folsom a call today for a FREE estimate!