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Once upon a time, a web designer could pretty much count on their audience viewing their website design from a standard computer browser, with a standard screen resolution and a fairly predictable screen size. Pages could be designed with elements defined in terms of pixels, and if someone looked at the website from a different sized screen they would have to scroll across or adjust their resolution to be able to see it correctly. Back in the old days of web design, the typical size of a website in width was around 900px and that’s it, it was not flexible and did not adjust to any screen resolution. To give you an idea of what that means, it was basically a one size fits all website design.

The New Age of Website Design = Responsive

Now, people view websites from screens with a huge variety of sizes. They use everything from large screen TVs to smartphones to access web pages. Web design has had to change accordingly. Going from the old days of website design to the new age, websites are now typically 1000px – 1100px in width and will adjust according to the screen resolution. Responsive website design gives each user a unique experience given their screen size and resolution.

Responsive Web Design Example

  • If device = 2000px width then display: Desktop Display
  • If device = 1200px width then display: Desktop Display
  • If device = 1080px width then display: iPad Horizontal Display
  • If device = 780px width then display: iPad Vertical Display
  • If device = 400px width then display: iPad Horizontal Display
  • If device = 320px width then display: iPad Vertical Display
  • Example of a Responsive Website: Front Street Media

Responsive web design is the answer to this change in technology

Responsive website design means that the website is responsive to the technology that the user is using to view the website. This means that the website has to be coded differently. For example, the size of different elements might be defined in terms of ratios to the total page instead of absolute pixels. For another example, text wrapping might depend on the width of the screen.

Responsive web design allows viewers to look at your website on all kinds of devices, including:

  • Smart phone website design
  • Laptop browser website design
  • Desktop browser website design
  • Tablet website design
  • Smart TV website design

What would happen if you didn’t have a responsive website? People would only be able to view your website correctly in one browser size. All others would not work right. Potential customers would decide that your website was not worth the trouble it took to view it. You would lose audience and sales.

At Website Design Folsom, we specialize in responsive website design. We will make your website easily viewable by everyone, no matter what they are using to navigate the internet.

Responsive Web Design Infographic